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Marketing the Commercial Finance Options

Marketing the Commercial Finance Options

So you have new products or services available, but how do you inform your current clientele and potential clients about them?

You understand the positive contribution an effective marketing campaign can make on your current business and you see the tremendous potential your new commercial finance solutions bring to you and your clients’ businesses.

The question is the same whether you are selling tax and accounting services or commercial finance services; how to market the service effectively and how to do it for as little time and effort as possible?

Marketing tools can be particularly useful if you have something specific to talk about. These tools can create awareness in a specific location or amongst a targeted group of people, or prompt repeat business by reminding existing customers about your products and services.

That’s why we empower our CPA members with marketing materials they can use for various marketing outlets like; radio, email, direct mail, online, person-to-person, networking events and countless other avenues, all with different benefits and potential.

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