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Equipment Financing – Leasing

Equipment Finance & Leasing 

Equipment Finance & Leasing is the number one means of financing equipment in America today. Leasing is a $400+ billion dollar industry, and many of your clients are currently in need of this form of financing.

Businesses of all kinds lease equipment to conserve their available cash. When capital is conserved by straight finance or leasing equipment, it can be used for other company needs (increasing inventories, expanding sales, etc.).  In the case a lease is used, it is important to know it is not a loan. Actual borrowing reduces lines of credit. Leasing is thus a NEW credit source, which allows the customer increased borrowing capacity. It virtually eliminates obsolescence as the business always has the latest and greatest new equipment.

You will be able to serve a variety of industries and businesses whether it be to end users (buyers of equipment) or vendors (sellers of equipment).

You can set up a finance program with vendors so they can start sending you transactions & clients for years to come. If you get several vendors set up sending you a few deals per month, it’s not hard to see the kind of money you could make in a year simply from this offering.

You will have access to programs for A & B type credits often with approvals in less than 24 hours. With some programs that our lenders offer, you can fund equipment up to $150,000 with just a one-page application with no required financials or tax returns. These are called “App Only” programs and serve as great selling points to a client or vendor relationship you might have.

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